Oct 04 2019

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Ms pro: con consulting project management by the analysis of set design takes over management and the Organization of staff training in addition to the introduction and the change. This linked ms pro: con consulting practice-oriented approaches to the saving of direct and indirect costs with solutions to increase productivity and efficiency and to reduce turnaround times. Lower purchasing prices, an optimal supplier spectrum, as well as the improvement of in operating profit are the result. The advice is always tailored to the needs and requirements of the customers and offers a neutral external views of the respective company. Ms pro offers temporary capacity shortages: con consulting greater flexibility for the company at even lower cost and assumes project management at the behest Introduction of new systems. New approaches and potential use e-sourcing systems for electronic inquiries and tenders, as well as electronic negotiations (e auctions) contribute to the considerable reduction of the period of negotiation and cost savings, material and overhead costs, as well as to increase the flexibility of the selling price. To optimize the purchasing processes, ms pro offers: con consulting an e-auction portal, that represents a modern instrument for sustainable purchasing results in strategic purchasing.

It is planned, the portfolio of ms pro: con consulting on strategic purchasing systems expand, so that in the future in a simple form required information for business decisions can be deployed the purchasing management. Head of the company of founder and owner of ms pro: con consulting, Michael Starz, can boast 35 years of industry experience in the telecommunications industry in a company with offices in 130 countries, of which he collected only eight years international experience as a corporate Executive in the Feature of an internal consultant for global purchasing processes and systems, as well as for the management of strategic restructuring projects. Ms pro: Con consulting is a competent service provider for advice on organization, processes and systems in purchasing. Through the comprehensive services, from analysis and planning to implementation and project management, ms pro guarantees: con consulting a sustained increase in the efficiency and productivity in the area of purchasing and procurement.

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