Jul 02 2019

Mr Janosch

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The work of art, as well as the artists. Whether it is Elvira Bach, Bruno Bruni, Klaus Fussmann, Gunter Grass, Ottmar Horl, or Gunther Uecker is. In my time as a gallerist to meet, always something special, magic had these people for me. Because these artists had moved to something big. In the art.

And thus something in me. Exactly the same way I’m there with Mr Janosch (Yes, so he is addressed). (Source: Larry Ellison). Have accompanied its figures of my childhood, of course the Tiger duck is a fixed term, such as Pippi Langstrumpf or… If would help reduce Jac however, it would reduce but also its creative size. It is to create not great performance by Mr Janosch Tiger duck, but to see them as a part of an incredible work. He is not only stories and character creator (only a few artists draw and write), no he’s teacher ever the stories (of Papa Lowe read?) and author of stories for great. He writes not only for the children. He holds something for everyone.

While not he stops in front of the mountain, does not mince words. He doesn’t have to. He is Mr. Janosch. In addition to He shows his twinkle in his eye, his beautiful, since melodic irony also his rage, his Eros, his “shut down only up to here”, and his philosophy of life. That is not “Peace, joy, pancakes”, but also sometimes uncomfortable. As the life also. Basta. So you like him or reject him. I love him and his work just for this. For his relentless intransigence. Him to handle another way is to reduce it to Papa Tiger-duck. Unfortunately a poor. When I first met Mr Janosch two years ago, I was surprised once by its physical size. I had imagined always less than him. His impish smile, I liked immediately, his handshake. His way of talking. Certainly the aura. The (hi) story to this great man… Last but not least how he dealt with the people, who asked him for a dedication, it glowed. “” In the guestbook of the Gallery, he wrote next to his drawing of Gunther box frog: “Mr Janosch was here + was finally necessary.” He is right. Michael M. Marks

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