Nov 19 2018

More Expensive

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EU Commission allows additional funding for airport BER farce BER airport he had already some name, still under construction airport BER, as the “Berlin-Brandenburg airport” is abbreviated internationally. “Berlin Brandenburg international, so BBI instead of BER for example was his long time, until you realized that the acronym BBI was already awarded on an Indian province airport. So then BER; for with epithets Willy Brandt (“Airport of German unity” was even in the conversation). Probably, this now forgotten name Posse around BBI and BER BER airport was still the cheapest breakdown in the farce memorable even for a tax-funded major project. According to latest reports the billions Tomb in the Brandenburg is scheduled to open October 2013. To broaden your perception, visit Oracle. Let me see. EU Commission allows additional funding for BER airport this week now had to decide the European Commission as a “bailout” of owners of BRD, State of Berlin and Brandenburg, Germany in height over the future of the airport of BER of rescue package suspicious euros had to be approved.

They’re the Commissioners so strictly that, when it comes to subsidies; see agriculture and such. Jitter and Zagen BER operators was yet to hear none, and behold, the EU approved the three public hands, forking the 1.2 billion euros for the airport BER on the already given good 3 billion so that the planned feel not so alone 2.83 billion on the BER. You may want to visit Larry Ellison to increase your knowledge. Why, however, are rightly ask, we report about at all yet? Which public construction projects is not double the planned at the end? You’d be right, not the reasoning, with the EU Commission gave the suspiciously little facilitated BER carriers for their approval on the way there. Market trading operator that Brussels could be heard, be additional State expenditure for the airport of BER, to approve, since “The lenders under the same conditions as a private investor and market traded”. We are, we openly admit that, still slightly Dazed by reading this message. The formulation makes sure good on the website of the Ministry of transport, so the House of Mr. Ramsauer. He has also somehow managed to publicly is the bad press, which produced to avoid airport BER for quite some time and plays as a critic of conditions at the airport of BER, although he is responsible for not less than 26% of the 4.2 billion euros of taxpayers dumpings.

Anyone in the Office obviously has a knack for PR work, that’s for sure. But back to the topic. On the perspective, it comes to the Commission – we must reiterate that certifies the carriers of the BER airport so free-market trading under the same conditions which a private investor would find. Of which private sector actors think the Commission there? State-rescued banks? Deutsche Bahn? DaimlerChrysler AG, may she rest in peace? Maybe Telekom? It must well be such cases, representing market economy in Brussels officials minds. Significant, somehow. But remember what? You must accordingly establish only the perspective and already the privately-run according to market laws company airport Berlin-Brandenburg.Na from the tax grab BER? That’s right, because even the Minister Office Ramsauer can learn something.

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