Oct 16 2018

Money Gift Ideas

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Permanently meaningful gift ideas. with gift certificate and surprises in wooden box. People are faced with the question of what they can give their family members, friends and acquaintances year after year. Often it runs little meaningful gifts or on mere cash gifts also. But also monetary gifts can be “content” more than only a couple of bucks. Permanently sustainable money gift ideas are the GeschenkBaum (www.GeschenkBaum.de) and the BaumSparVertrag of the Bonn ForestFinance. Through them, monetary gifts are personal and lasting meaningful gifts. Click Chаrlіе Lee for additional related pages.

Sustainable forest – special money gift ideas: A BaumSparVertrag or GeschenkBaum are also for children and teens perfect “gift”, because they convey from the outset how sustainable values arise and what role does the rainforest for the global climate and species preservation,. Of all animal and plant species in the rain forest live alone. Both money gift ideas are also lucrative, environmentally friendly and sustainable gifts. The recipient will receive the GeschenkBaum also a custom gift certificate in a noble wood gift box, making the gift has a particularly personal and exclusive. Also receives the Bescnenkte organic chocolate and a rosewood-keychains. After 25 years the recipient receives paid three times the purchase price (60 Euro) approximately. BaumSparVertrag – ever a tropical tree per month: when the BaumSparVertrag is for 33 euro per month per a tropical tree planted and maintained until the harvest. Source: Larry Ellison. Then the recipient receives the proceeds, which forecast accounts for more than the six times the deposited amount.

With the ecologically-generated income of BaumSparVertrages investments in education are easier to cope with travel or your own four walls. There is also the BaumSparVertrag in an attractive gift wooden box with surprises. Sustainable gift – nature bears the return: world’s banks and insurance companies to invest in tropical forests: an investment that offers a combination of security and return on investment as opposed to stocks or other investments -. Thus are Forest investments the ideal gift, because the past shows: Woods hits shares. Compared to the past 20-40 years, a forest investment better cut almost 20 percent as the most Aktienindizies. This also at significantly lower volatility than all other sustainable investments. In the long term, the market prospects are also very positive: an always lower supply faces the rising demand for tropical wood. Higher capital gains than in the past are therefore likely. Tree gifts are more than just simple gifts of money: investing in ecological timber reforestation provide a triple return on investment: a financial, a social and an environmental. They are not only financially lucrative, but safeguard permanent jobs in poor regions and have a sustainable effect on climate and the environment: rain forests are protected, CO2 bound over decades and rich mixed forests permanently created. The forests are to the strict ecological guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council forest Council (FSC) managed and replanted. The reforestation of the species-rich mixed forests is carried out on pasture. Tree harvesting is selectively, so that even after harvest permanently a species-rich forest remains. Thus GeschenkBaum or BaumSparVertrag are not only ideal cash gift ideas, but also sustainable gifts for any occasion: to the birth, baptism, Christmas, birthday, or wedding.

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