Sep 03 2018

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kill another in mercy to his suffering or his desire to die for whatever reason. On the other hand derived from the Greek distanasia gray: wrong (something wrong) and Thanatos: death, is the opposite of euthanasia and is to delay the advent of death using excessive measures; recently called "cruelty," "stubbornness" or "cruelty" therapeutic. Meanwhile, the orthothanasia, Ortus Greek: straight and Thanatos: Death refers to the acting correctly at the death. "Euthanasia is a medical problem? As the problem now affects fully euthanasia to the world of medicine because the doctor or nurse is the one who is terminally ill front, but it is not strictly speaking a medical problem or should not seriously because deserves the same rating ethical if a physician practice or a relative or friend of the victim, in both cases what is at stake is the death of a man in the hands of another, no medicine is a form of euthanasia, but a form of homicide, and if a physician practice it will be denied the medi fice since the raison d'etre of medicine is to cure the patient at any stage of his illness, the alleviation of their pain and helps overcome the critical moment death when cure is not possible, anyone can see that one thing is to help a patient to die with dignity and another thing to kill you, there is therefore a technique of euthanasia, a medical resource on the contrary the replaced, denies it and ejected. What to do in front of the terminal patient? One of the rights of the patient is not to suffer unnecessary physical pain during the process of his illness, we know that the terminal patient in addition to the physical pain experienced pain severe mental or moral, caused by the collision between proximity to death and hope to continue living, is therefore the duty of physicians to provide analgesia and comfort, a few years ago in England there is a civilized way to understand and care for these patients that is opposed to euthanasia and aware of technological advances but is itself a profound knowledge of the needs of terminally ill patients. Conclusions The doctors have been trained through years of hard study and dedication to heal the sick not to kill the so-called palliative medicine offers that option, especially colleagues in critical care units, to remain steadfast in our mission of saving, heal, soothe and comfort, but also offers an alternative moral society that opposes the mercy killing or homicide that crime of compassion, under the guise of a myriad of "reasons" but the end is simply a homicide So as before in the fight against abortion, takes effect on Euthanasia cry defend life is to kill! ..

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