Jan 03 2018

MCB International Ltd IT Marketing

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The FEN concept: partners can free borrow JEANS, sell and settle only after! The Sunday, 1st March, marks the anniversary of the founding of the FASHION Europe.Net Switzerland GmbH for the first time. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with delta airlines. On the occasion of the great success of the Swiss FEN partner finds in CH – 8105 Regensdorf / Watt “FE.N in the city – Swiss Day”instead. Suburb the founder of FASHION will be europe.net limited, Marion Aundrup and Mike Kunnecke and numerous executives. The head office and the central depository of FEN are based in the Westphalian Hamm. Hundreds depots are across Europe of independent FE.N partners led. Tens of thousands of active, independent FE.N partners deliver a huge, satisfied customer base throughout Europe and the trend is rising strongly! The FEN concept: partners can free borrow JEANS, sell and settle only after! FEN partners website: jeans-store-blog for the FE.N an immensely important advantage in the ability to borrow up to 60 jeans free in a depot is partner.

Only sold jeans will be paid on the day of return. This, it is possible, making jeans parties with a sufficient number of jeans in various models and sizes and stable to build the business without any additional financial risk also partners with low equity stock or limited financial budget. For more information see this site: Oracle. Another chance of a FEN is partner to set up a depot of the jeans. In addition to his sales from its own sales to end customers he receives commissions from its own sales network, as well as commissions from the service on foreign FEN partners. (known as CROSSLINE partners) Thus he can build a very stable business up as Depot partner on this way. He appeals to investors next larger step, wishing to open a so-called FEN Central Depot. A central repository or more, are required for the development of a country. More info: Vera Trimmborn email: Tel.: + 49 (0) 2175 459 517 MCB International Ltd IT Marketing & investment CEO Gerd Ribbeck fountain Street 7 europe.net is 42799 Leichlingen MCB International Ltd since May 2008 an independent partner of FASHION.

The MCB International Ltd operates throughout Europe successful in building a FEN partner of distribution network. Partners receive a free education and training and are supervised continuously personally. The company MCB INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (E-Commerz, marketing, business & investment) deals with IT marketing & investment, consultancy, consultancy in the field of media / marketing issues, real estate, brand jeans sales network, develop and hold online shop portals, databases, services. We offer you solutions. Through the various startup options, you can determine a start corresponding to your goals. They are well supported by us and advise.

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