Jul 26 2019


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That is what explains, for example, the work of Descartes translated into English, being the work would never know that the philosopher would have written if he had been English! Taking this into account, they see it between two languages and entertaining including a undeniable relationship (both at the level of talk that the level of the view), there is a divergence of attitudes. I would add, finally, that this difference in mentality, meaning only sociolinguist I gave to that word, it appears nowhere more evident than among mathematicians, that they had given up long ago the dream formalist " pure mathematics, "if not" universal mathematics. " Mathematicians do not understand each other, but not only for reasons of theory! To convince them, open a book of mathematics, the simplest of the manuals, written in English, then another, written in German, and one in Japanese, and that although these works do not contain more than equations. There is the language of mathematics! In fact, nearly the same amount of math that mathematicians (and about the same mathematical objects to be discussed: the mathematics of the economy are not those of the astrophysicist, etc.). They see the splendid desolation of "language well done" to return to Condillac is a big joke! It is therefore necessary to admit that mathematics, being language, they have all the properties, and as language, language is in the plural. It is important to understand that mathematics is a deed of conceptual logic flows from our ability to make signs, but as this concept is, from the beginning, inseparable to the different languages that show, his writing it is more so.

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