Jul 21 2020

Masses Moment

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It was used as instrument of collection of data, the application of recorded interviews. The sample was constituted by members of the community of life of the Shalom, between them, 01 (one) coordinating apostlica and 07 (seven) consecrated members indicated for then the coordinating Maria Jose Freitas Da Silva (Maz), through script of half-structuralized interview and participant comment at some moments of the daily one of the community. We were to the community seven times. At a first moment, we had an initial contact that already one consisted of half-structuralized interview. At other moments, we visit the Center Catholic of Evangelizao Shalom and the communitarian residence, where we made other interviews, we take off photos and we observe some activities carried through for the members of the community. For example, Masses, events, works in the snack bar, games in the communitarian house. ONE TO LOOK AT ON the DAILY one OF the SHALOM/NATAL/RNFoi COMMUNITY evidenced that the life community understands an organized environment that if configures through a daily routine, where the mornings they are lived in silence climate, has the labor detail with division of tasks, conjunct, reading of the bible, listening the God, communitarian formation, allotment of life and alone at the moment of the lunch ceases the silence that happens in a climate of joy and fraternity.

According to interviewed Roane Mayan Jane Holland, ' ' a moment where I do not change in hypothesis some is without a doubt the propitious place for the fraternity and the joy is the lunch, the moment of much convivncia where we say of diverse things comunitrias' '. The afternoons are dedicated to the apostolate (aconselhamento, ministries, lectures etc) in the Center Catholic of Evangelizao Shalom, concluding with the Mass, after that, it has a moment of communitarian conjunct. To the nights, the supper and after that returns again for the Center of Evangelizao, where the fifteen for ten conclude the activities.

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