Feb 09 2016

Marketing Concept

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So they dedicated themselves for years to build a large artificial beach that today is extremely important and an attraction in the city. Annually is an event where gather thousands of people who bathe in summer under the moon. In companies, passes problem by understanding and commitment of their senior executives, what is not always so, since there is no consciousness on the part of the managements that the fundamental axis on which must operate all action marketing is usually corporate marketing identity see it only as a tool for promotion of brand or generation of internal motivation to achieve the common goal. However there is no a clear alignment between Marketing actions for example and the mission and Vision of the company. An example that illustrates the issue. After doing several studies and develop a Marketing strategy for the company’s electrical distribution CONAFE, came to define the identity project was summarized in a concept: first positive energy was to show that more than one electric company was a company that provided power to the homes and on the other we should remember that electricity has another positive and a negative pole and therefore the power of this company (analogy) it was not equal to that handing over others, but it was positive. Energy positive in Chile, has also many meanings, since it represents people who have a positive view of life, which are good wave as we call them, have good aurea as some, that always relate to a smile, say they are willing to help. In the end is associated with good, with the best.

Although it was a concept that would give a new image to a somewhat traditional company, I end up only as a slogan. As well a rich concept that could give the company a single image in the domestic market, to the extent that all the staff had this positive service attitude, contractors and their employees also, the building, the premises of attention and all forms of communication to give life to the concept, this has not happened. We as a consultant will deliver the strategy and work plan, but required at its interior executives trained for its implementation, and one management that understood the value of identity and this in particular, something that did not happen. Therefore the topic identity, being still of the utmost importance for Marketing, requires inside many companies of personnel who understand the importance of this and their way of working it, as also of a management that really see marketing as a philosophy of company and not only as a function of a particular area of it.

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