Mar 07 2018


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5 Offer the service of electronic cards. is a company that provides virtual cards for online users to send electronic greeting cards. They are animations, customizable, so the majority of users taking advantage of the offer of these companies that offer to send them these virtual details to your loved ones, where they will include your brand name and thus promote themselves online with a free service very limited. 6 Offering graphics, banners, templates. Similar to the marketing of consumer products ordinary, something free and useful that draws the attention of many people are banners, graphics, templates and other elements that users can use online for free there are platforms that today in day let you create these services just to recommend this service to a few friends doing this a great viral marketing effect. Southwest Airlines spoke with conviction.

7 Offer free consultation. The majority of online users who are searching for information do not know to go which is why it has become very popular find relevant sites full of content of value where come various visitors in one day to read its contents and in addition have the possibility of interacting with the webmaster leaving a comment about your article. These free consultation Web sites require that you enter your name, address email address and other pertinent information required by the webmaster to create a database and more forward to start a viral marketing campaign. 8 Offering specialized links directory. Directories of links specialized to help build a more specific clientele, as users who need this service come to these specialized sites in search of classified ads by category to meet a need. 9. Free newsletter with bonds. An online shopping company could use this viral marketing technique, to offer free catalogs with online gift certificates or discount coupons for this implements a form of Opt-in where the user must leave your email, this technique will generate a huge base of customers and through a strategy of email marketing become these prospects your customers.

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