Aug 15 2021

March Treatment

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Thus the implantation of the SUS was carried through and forms gradual, first it came the SUDS, later the incorporation of the INAMP to the Health department in 7 of March of 1990, and finally the Organic Law of the Health (Law n 8,080, of 19 of September of 1990) that (they make use on the conditions for the promotion and recovery of the health, the organization and the functioning of the corresponding services and the other steps), thus establishing the SUS and few months later it was launched (Law n 8,142, of 28 of December of 1990) that (they make use on the participation of the community of the management of the Only System of Health SUS, on the intergovernamentais transferences of financial resources of the area of health and the other steps) (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2000). 2.OBJETIVO This work has as objective, to guide the people on the causes and consequences of psorase, and treatment that the Only System of Health offers the population. 3.DESENVOLVIMENTO a set of genetic, imunolgicos and ambient factors has that to occur for development of psoriase, this, in turn, it is a pathology that can be classified in three different categories, amongst the diverse types of psorase, going of the light one, passing for the moderate one and arriving the severe one, being very important to know to classify them so that thus to know which better treatment (AZULAY, 2004). Psorase classified as light (figure 7), occurs between 75 and 80% of the patients acometidos for psorase. involves less than 2% of the body and generally it occurs as isolated spots in the knees, elbows, cabeludo leather, hands and feet. The treatment frequently includes products of topical use, as hidratantes and medicines in the form of creams, pomadas and xampus, that they are, generally, sufficients for the control of the symptoms. Psorase moderate (figure 8), affects between 2 and 10% of the corporal surface and involves the arms, legs, bust, cabeludo leather and other areas. .

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