Jun 27 2019

Managing Director FABI

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Revision-safe account FABI’s, software specialist from Upper Franconia sales commissions, charged commissions, which pays off on distributor according to the applicable sales agreement will be. Each inventory system can be now on the new default import interface with the FABI’s Commission system. The standard interface imports the information that are relevant to the settlement in the billing system. Sales organizations the information necessary for billing product, mediator and process imported via the standard interface. The Commission system audit-proof settles stock systems, also grown after the import. This standard interface allows sales managers to calculate commissions from contracts or product sales through the Commission system accurately and on time.

Commissions for sellers of all industries are calculated with the accounting system according to the principles of proper accounting. The Commission system is integrated as a database and operating system-independent Java solution into any existing system landscape. The career plan with the established career opportunities will be unique in the Commission calculation. Different distribution channels with diverse Commission agreements can be created separately. The administrator centrally deposited complex Commission agreements. The settlement provides a billing wrapper, as well as a collection of individual items per seller. The prints, the administrator can adjust and modify. The methods of payment, such as acquisition or subsequent Commission are broken down.

Commissions are calculated over structures, if staff is in a hierarchy. The billing system by FABI’s manages employees and freelance seller. Whether distributor or tipster, the respective distribution agreement is taken into account. The structure depth distribution of the commissions is unlimited. Even separate billing per distributor for different distribution channels are possible. The many variations in the definition of the product allow you to use the Commission calculation in sales organizations in every industry. Definitions in the employee organization and in the distribution agreements already allow many individual agreements to be considered without programming with the standard product. There is a variety of dialogs available for customizing. Systems in the case of controlling, financial accounting or withdrawals can be coupled via export interface. When executives know what possibilities supported the Commission system, you find creative new ways to motivate of their seller. “, so the experiences of Bertram Stratz, Managing Director of FABI’s.” About FABI’s company was founded in 1988. It developed powerful sales organizations as solutions for the Commission calculation and organization of sales representatives. Sales organizations of from diverse industries are among the users, a focus in the financial services. FABI’s realized practical analysis, conception, Software development. FABI’s supported hardware and database queries, installation, training and subsequent support. fabis.de/provisionsabrechnung/

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