Aug 11 2020

Madison Square Garden

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This year I promised that this time if I take summer seriously. So making use of egotistical freak teen spirit, which fortunately I still gallops blood, I bought tickets for the very best that I see it, the perimeter rock the stage that I can afford. (Not to be confused with Nicki Minaj!). Cinergy Health There goes the list, pa ‘the envy of: REM Jones Beach 06/14/08 06/20/08 The Cure Madison Square Garden 06/25/08 Pearl Jam Madison Square Garden 07/13/08 Dropkick Murphys Starland Ballroom 07/18/08 Billy Joel Shea Stadium 07/27/08 Bruce Springsteen Giants Stadium Invariably in times like these, which are missing friends. Those of the brotherhood of Selena, rum bullies, cassettes half mast and dreams of emancipation and glory. Murphys Dropkick, pa ‘those who like good punk

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