Apr 02 2019

Loan Brokerage In Ukraine

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More recently, the concept of "credit" was alien to our people. In the Soviet Union State Bank, though made loans to the population, but they are not in demand. What to say about that appears in the west of the concept of "living on credit." It is true that for the characters well-known comedy "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" This notion may not be fully understood. In one scene, the movie characters complain about small salaries, but the possibility of obtaining Apartments in new building for them is not something unreal. But only later, in the dashing 90-E, it created fear, contempt, and have a little envy. Fear – because they could not understand how you can talk about serious purchases on credit for such instability in the contemporary life of our people.

Contempt – because "life credit" had no other meaning as "life in debt." But the fact that sometimes buying on credit can be very beneficial, gave rise to envy. Ability to use the credit to talk about stability and confidence in the future. That is what was lacking at that time. In recent years Ukraine has created favorable conditions for lending in general and consumer credit in particular. Rapid build up of capital in the banking sector caused the problem of funds. One of the promising activities of banks, when they forced to look for relatively new areas of the capital, is lending. Relations between the lender and the borrower are based on their mutual economic interests to each other.

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