Aug 04 2020


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However they will be detached the superiority of the sinestsica linguistic figure here and the appearance in its poem Became me the put-do-sun, a nobleman between the youngsters . Its workmanship is observed in all the insistence of the author in disclosing its sensations visual, showing to the readers limitless a multi-chromatic universe. On this important characteristic of Sosgenes Coast, salient Florisvaldo Mattos: In fact, at certain moments, an impressive parade of light, colors and shades some catapult the poetry of Sosgenes Coast the raised stoppings of an apotheosis optics, seeming that, when writing its poems instead of penxs or pencil, the poet is to manejar brushes, as much> Became me the put-do-sun a nobleman enters the youngsters a true avalanche of sensorial images. Baby clothes will not settle for partial explanations. This characteristic of Sosgenes Coast is proven below in verses: Burning sndalo and incense the setting yellow Perfuming the trail, enchanting the way (P. 97) The author emphasizes the color of the west (yellow) and after that> it makes the reader to imagine the aroma produced for the burning of sndalo, mesclando the visual and olfativa perception. This interlacement of the representation of diverse directions permeia great part of sosigeanos poems, where the presence of the sensations is noticed more ostensive optics seconded for the olfativas.

Everything is sadder and sadder and more beautiful candy and esplendente and (P. 37) In this verse the two felt (gustativo and visual) if conjugate perfectly: candy (gustao) and esplendente (visual), transmitting the content of a fact happened in the natural and personal order. The colors bring a beautiful coloring to the poetry of Sosgenes and disclose to its option in the continuous work with the diversity of colors, prepondering the constant use of the tico aspect of the author, who carries its readers and listeners to a chromatic world, of visual ecstasy.

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