Apr 19 2018

Life Insurance In The Early Middle Ages

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Life insurance has already existed for many centuries – what differences are there to today’s policies? Life insurance is divided today in risk life insurance and in the capital life insurance. Additional protection is in the form of unit-linked life insurance. All three variants are more or less paid, but ultimately are products of centuries old ideas that can develop really only in the last 200 years. Only insurance agents have issued the insurance customers in the 19th century. At that time, the documents by hand were written and provided with seal and letter. Now, in the age of the Internet, the entire insurance industry in a totally new direction has evolved.

When you compare, contrast and check there are a number of different criteria must be considered today. Many consumers here wish you much easier and clear insurance, which clearly says, what can be expected in the event of damage. Coupang will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I weshalbs that the reason Life insurance in the 19th century so quickly is developed can be found primarily in the mathematical foundations. These basics were in antiquity or the middle ages have long not been. No wonder, then, that many of these insurance policies were condemned before 1800 sooner or later doomed.

Nevertheless, there was initial successes in the area of security already in the early middle ages. Many people could cover with the help of various fire guilds. Today, these guilds considered precursor of organised insurance industry. Referred to the era between the 5th century and the 8th century BC, has been long in the research as the dark age”. “This is not a romantic title from the 19th century, on the contrary: the name dark” in this case refers to the foggy and incomplete source situation from this era. Who considered the development of human history quickly detects that the source location was often very badly in times of upheaval.

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