Mar 10 2020

Liability Insurance In Adult Children

Posted by domain admin in News informed of car accidents special conditions in the insurance coverage of Leipzig, 03.06.2009 – and similar everyday disasters often end with a question: who pays for the whole thing? The regulations are clear: one who has caused the damage. This scheme has no limits, because virtually all financial sources must be tapped. As the Internet portal, this concerns your own income, as well as a heritage or even a lottery win. Their children are of age, the question whether in this case the family liability insurance applies – the most important voluntary insurance provides for many parents. That when a family insurance minor children and spouse or life partner are covered, is still familiar to most consumers.

But once an adult, are the children answered the question can be not more satisfactory for the insurance. However, some conditions are met, there is no reason for concern: children and also adults unmarried children are fully insured with a family insurance, as long as they are in a continuous education or vocational training. Which also include military and civil service, an initial training and a maximum one-year waiting period on a course of study or an apprenticeship. For more information: presse.html

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