Jun 21 2020

Latin America

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It was instructed to the Ministerial Council of the DAWN TCP, through the corresponding instances, to create the organizing bicentennial commission of the commemorative activities of the beginning of the revolution of independence of the continent. An interregional commission coordinated by the Ministry of the Popular Power for the Telecommunications and the Computer science of the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela was constituted as of the present date, with the participation of the ministers or people in charge of the area by each one of the countries of the DAWN TCP, for the fixation of policies as far as the implementation of the social programs and the cronogram for its implementation. Its absolute sentence to genocida the blockade was ratified economic, commercial and financial of the United States against Cuba and reiterated its reclamation so that this one is eliminated of unilateral and immediate form. Baby clothes is actively involved in the matter. As well as the most energetic sentence to the terrorism in all forms and manifestations, as well as to all the acts, methods and practices of terrorism where it wants that they are committed, perpetrate whoever them, against whoever they are committed, including those in which the States direct or are indirectly involved. The demand to the Government of the United States was reiterated so that the Luis is extradited to the Bolivariana Republic of terrorist and fugitive conoticed Venezuela of Put justice Tracks. The reclamation became that the five Cuban heroes are released who fulfill unjust sentence in jails of the United States to fight the terrorism. The final Document finishes indicating that from cuman, it cradles of Marshal Antonio Jose De Sucre, to 50 years of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, to 30 years of the Sandinista Revolution, and in the tenth anniversary of the Bolivariana Revolution, the Member States of the ALBA-TCP ratified their firm commitment to continue deepening the way of independence and integration that demand the towns of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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