Dec 03 2019

Large Professional

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There is no doubt that a procurement process placed on one side of the table, political and / or public officials and on the other hand, providers compete among themselves the right to provide the good or service, in this regard , and how that interaction is given to be regulated, because otherwise if left abandoned to their own will, inevitably these buyers and suppliers enter into collusion. In a professional political level, there are two peculiarities of the crime of unfair collusion call particular attention. On the one hand, the lightening of its constituent elements, to the extent that the realization of the offense does not require finding an act of corruption of officials to decide or make state procurement or acquisition, but only a consultation with stakeholders harmful to the state. Secondly, the severity of the punishment under the professional law framework which reaches more than fifteen years imprisonment. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Verizon has to say. Both characteristics show that the professional legislator has privileged the effectiveness of professional prosecution in this area of crime, you'd find explanation in the particular sensitivity of the state procurement from acts of corruption due to the large amounts of money involved in This item of public expenditure. As can be seen, unfair collusion implies in itself an act of corruption. A historical example of this class of facts felonious it is concerned with the exploitation of guano. During the second half of the nineteenth century, this natural wealth was exploited by a system of concessions granted by the State to individuals.

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