Oct 31 2021

La Habana

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Owners such as Hoppe, in question. For many years, Tudor is the reliable exclusive agency for the Hanseatic attorneys. After extensive job meeting on the part of the business and usage management of private detective agency and economic investigation agency Tudor, the contracting authority and the lawyer from Hamburg in the free and Hanse city itself, concluded the assignment of the company Tudor. Goal is, as soon as possible to provide, where and with whom Rasmus C. currently resides. Credit: Scott M. Kahan CFP-2011. While the detective methods of observations and investigations are applied. At the same time five detective officer are used for observation. The next day already an intermediate result of the investigation team on the table is the detective agency Tudor.

Rasmus C. kicked by the Rhine-Main Airport Frankfurt, accompanied by a female person, the flight to Cuba and is with the Lady actually there at the airport – Aeropuerto international Jose Marti / HAV – landed. The name of the woman accompanying him is Celia S.. She is Cuban and was accredited with diplomatic status in the BR Germany. Also have the extensive investigation of the detective agency detective Tudor learned that Celia S. 30 is years old. She lives on Cuba directly in the capital of Havana (La Habana). The information go to the contracting authority immediately about the partner lawyer in Hamburg.

The decision: Let’s go! Please give instruction on how to locate my husband on Cuba their observation group. I want to know what he’s there doing, why and with whom. Later on the same day the observation group of five detectives Tudor coming to Cuba. First port of call will be the last known home address of Celia S. in Havana. Car spot on Cuba, the clerk in Havana relate their various observation positions overlooking on the residential complex at the address of the Celia S.

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