Aug 27 2017


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Another one of the possible solutions for the ambient crisis is the Protocol of Kyoto 4 carried through in 1997 in the city of Kyoto in Japan, this protocol less established that countries more rich, that is the ones that more poluem with the emission of gases, would have to emit from 2012, 5% of what they had emitted in 1990. Although, for the projection of the specialists, for 2012 we will be emitting more than 30 billion tons there not 21 billion as Kyoto asks for. and in third in the total of credits placed what it in according to place in ranking of the ONU in numbers of proposals prepared to deal with this innovation. I believe that one of the solutions most important is the participation of the society, participation this that can come in different ways, as to stop to consume certain products or to consume little, and also to promote or to participate of debates on ecology, in the schools, the quarter, the workstation etc. Hear from experts in the field like Ed Bastian for a more varied view. Of this form, we believe that only from ideas that involves the world-wide effort we will be able to diminish the problem, and thus to be able to provide to the future generations a conscientious use of the environment, healthy and for todos.CONSIDERAES FINAISLogo, the ambient crisis did not appear of one hour for another one, has seen that it he is resulted of the harmful actions of the man stops with the environment throughout its existence.

This crisis has for consequence the proper results of the predatory actions of the human being, as the global heating, increase of illnesses, dry and to drinking waters lack scarcity of the natural resources, extinguishing of animals, among others. stops to solve this crisis is necessary the union of all we, each one, making its part. She is necessary if to be valid the Right in itself, that is, of the laws; of the efetivao of the Protocol of Kyoto; awareness and respect to the environment; of the participation of the society; of the Public Power, so that it can invest in the ambient education and look ways to accomplish the formula of the sustainable development.

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