Nov 21 2020

Kazakh Internet

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But then reported that was confusion in the database and these cartridges do not really have. Shop remained in the distant city of Kostanai. Phoned the manager of Internet shop, I learned that the cartridges are in stock, but ordered them better directly to the online store, and deliver them to any city in Kazakhstan’s post. On the Internet before I had never bought anything, so it was a little scary, so I carefully studied the first company that owns the Internet store, its address, history, certificates, etc. “Axon”, as it turned out, works in the market for more than 15 years – that does not work a lot of Almaty companies.

In general, I trust this company inspired, and I decided to buy a online store cartridges for your printer. Employees of the store suggested I sign up, well, then I figured out myself. Found by searching their cartridges, they added a basket and sent your order and immediately received notification of receipt of my order. The same day I was sent an e-mail account on the cartridges + shipping in Almaty, the price of my suit, and the next day I paid the bill in the near to my place of work bank. And, yes, and sent scanned copy of the payment receipt from the bank – they said so quickly send me my goods.

The same day I received another notice, now that I mailed the goods. Could only wait. I do not remember just three or four days I waited, but in my mailbox put a receipt that is waiting for me at the post office parcel. He was afraid that the post office and have to pay, no, it was not necessary. Picked up the parcel, took it home, unpacked, took their new Cartridges and installed in the printer. He immediately came alive and working. We can say that I was surprised a little that their scarce cartridges found in the small town of Kostanay, when in our Almaty computer companies did not have them. We were pleased with the operational work and our Kazakh online store. A cartridge, I still buy in this online store – goes even cheaper delivery than in our stores Almaty. And I feel so comfortable, do not ring up and drive around local firms connected to the Internet, ordered, paid for and picked up. So that we own in Kazakhstan is a reliable and profitable Internet stores, they just need to search …

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