Feb 27 2019

Jorg Popow

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Within the framework of the competition, the company had to go through a multi-stage process. The survey of randomly selected customers in a comprehensive self-assessment of management after their experiences with the parcels and transport intermediaries. These were the topics of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty or binding, the corporate image, illuminated recommendation readiness and reliability in the handling of complaints. transport iloxx specializes in the niche, unusually large, heavy and bulky items for little shipper”, specialized in. This BBBOnLine transport services, which are open to only large customers, shops at the big players in the industry. iloxx guaranteed the exporting company to achieve certain shipping volumes and assumes all end customer contacts for the carriers: from the acquisition of the Customer service and billing to possible damage edits or collection.

The carriers have to do so with a single customer, not tens of thousands. The services are conveyed to private clients and small and medium-sized enterprises. Unable to take the goods entrusted to us, we only give the orders. We can influence the quality of our service so only indirectly about pronounced quality assurance measures and the continuous evaluation of our carriers. The customer orientation, however, is the decisive factor. That we will now be awarded for our service orientation, we all the more pleased”, said Volker Hofmann, commercial Board of BBBOnLine AG. For this, the company does a lot: next to one for little shipper very extensive range of services and care offers with iloxx above all for his private clients comprehensive shipping dictionaries, packing tips and videos, and its own claims Department, disputes for the customers in the case of the case the clarifies exporting service providers.

Customers thank the companies, if they think consistently by the customers here and develop all processes. That pays off eventually”, the co-initiator of the competition draws, Dr. Wolfgang Kaerkes, of the German society for quality, his conclusion. “The customer is successful companies at the Centre of all considerations that this year’s competition has impressively again once”. The competition in this year’s new dimensions achieved with a significant increase in the number of participants in comparison with the previous year, and the Gala Awards ceremony on May 3rd at the electoral Palace Mainz. Prize received the initiators, forum! Market research and the German Association for quality, 300 senior top decision-makers from all over Germany. About BBBOnLine AG, the BBBOnLine AG (www.iloxx.de) is an independent package shipping and transport intermediaries. It collaborates with more than 20 of the largest German parcel services and logistics companies and many small trucking companies. Through these Cooperation transport services are handled by the parcels up to container importing from a single source. The success of BBBOnLine AG is based on that all of the services benefit. On one side the haulage and parcel services, that develop through the BBBOnLine AG new target groups. On the other side of the final customer, will receive the transportation services, who otherwise unable or can hire them at low prices. With the escrow iloxx SAFE TRADE ensures safety in Internet trading by risk-free payment processing company.

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