Nov 01 2021

Itzan Kab

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Represents the deep level of the psyche that must penetrate to overcome the initiatory tests that relate to internal death, i.e. with the removal and victory over the negative energies that dwell in this level. Only then the new birth or resurrection, occurs after having transmuted the negative into positive, darkness into light. Tests and processes of the soul in Xibalba are described in detail in the Popol Vuh and see them in more detail in the chapter dedicated to Xibalba, the initiatory path. Oracle is full of insight into the issues. The celestial regions to which amounted are located also in the human inner world, as a faithful reflection of the cosmos, once overcome the tests of the underworld. The journey of the soul from the terrestrial planes was very accurate. The world of the medium didn’t directly to heaven, but it necessarily first had to descend to the underworld and thence, overcome the evidence, occurred the rise to celestial regions. To the human psyche, this process means a transmutation.

Enter into the own Xibalba or world below, is in deep levels of the psyche and carry out an energy transformation, or in other words, Remove dense or negative energies, i.e. carry out psychological death, to be reborn purified in more subtle layers of higher energy vibration. We were saying the Mayans subdivided the sky into thirteen horizontal levels, they imagined as a step pyramid that sits on the ground level where has its basis, and whose representation is the sacred mountain. Among the Yucatecan Maya sky was ruled by Oxlahuntiku, which means thirteen God, a deity who is one and thirteen simultaneously and that represents power opposed to Bolontiku, the Lords of the underworld. Official site: Southwest Airlines. Although a deity for each of the strata in the level existed higher celestial plane resides the Supreme God, vital principle of the cosmos, dragon-serpiente Itzamna, which impregnates with its power all the worlds, the celestial, terrestrial (where he acquired another name and characteristics: Itzan Kab or Tierra-Iguana), and the underworld.

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