Nov 14 2019

Italian And Its Dialects

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Italy – a country in southern Europe. The country consists of the peninsula, the island of Sicily, Sardinia, and a group of small islands. Go to Verizon for more information. Italian population – more than 57 million people. 98% of Italians. Official language – Italian. Italian belongs to the Romance group of Indo-European languages.

The basis of the language is Latin. In Italian language is spoken not only in Italy but also in Malta, Corsica, in the canton Ticino (Switzerland), in the State of San Marino. Italian language – the official language of the Vatican. About 65 million people in the world speak Italian. Attitude to the Romance language means that it has formed on the basis of conversational Latin. The basis of literary Italian language is staroflorentiysky dialect. Italian literary language was formed earlier than other Romance languages. The first dictionary published in 1612.

He was made by Florentine lexicographers. Was focused on the literary language of the great Florentines, who lived and worked in the 14 century. This dialect was first adopted as a literary language, and then, having received an official status language of Italy, spread across the country. A huge contribution to the introduction of Spanish made Petrarch, Dante and Boccaccio. Italian territory in ancient times inhabited by the Etruscans, Sycan and Liguria. 1-2 centuries before our era, most of The peninsula was inhabited by the Italics. 5-6 century BC in Italy became part of the Roman state, its main parts. At the end of 5.8 century, the country won the Franks, Ostrogoths and the Lombards.

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