Nov 10 2015

INFORA With QuickCheck For The Long-term Electronic Archiving

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Entry in the development and implementation of a long-term strategy to the legally compliant storage of documents, electronic and papierner, Berlin / Cologne, 07.06.2010 – represents a challenge for the public administration and institutions to the long-term preservation of digital documents and their availability to future generations. However, still no sufficient prerequisites have been created for the electronic storage of long term and are still unclear how concepts. The entry in the development and implementation of a sustainable strategy for the legally compliant storage of electronic and papierner documents the INFORA consulting therefore offers a QuickCheck. In addition to the organizational aspects of a future course of action, practical solutions based on existing technical procedures are designed in the context of the documentation of the results. The QuickCheck for the electronic storage of long term starts with a preliminary to the customer-specific objectives and requirements, to the design of the project of the QuickChecks to be able to optimize. Then, it creates a customized, standardized questionnaire specifically designed for the context of the right safe keeping of electronic documents.

The questionnaire is sent to up to ten contact of customer for processing by INFORA and tool-based evaluated. Existing queries are solved in the form of in-depth interviews. Following be a meaningful review of the State, as well as a weak-point analysis with a focus on organization, technology, law and evidence security of the existing approach to storing and singling out the documents in question. On the basis of actual and vulnerability analysis, INFORA designates the fields of action to be taken into account and target-oriented measures. Then, a prioritization of the necessary steps is carried out together with the customer.

The evaluation of the information obtained allows an objective identification of existing action requirements with regard to the legally compliant long-term storage or singling out and this creates a clear Planning base”, explains Thomas Hohn, Managing Director at INFORA, the benefits. The principal in the form of a detailed presentation of the results and a compact result document receives the entire results of the QuickChecks, which is offered at a fixed price. In addition, a project plan is designed, which illustrates the history of a possible follow-up project in a structured form. About INFORA: INFORA GmbH is an innovative, highly specialized and vendor-independent consulting firm for more than 25 years. With locations in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden supports customers from the initial concept idea through to successful implementation. INFORA it places special emphasis on the practical design and effective transformation of business and automation processes. For example, Daimler AG, Viessmann, INA Schaeffler, German Airbus, Henkel, Minolta, Procter & gamble and Schering belong to their consulting clients in the industrial sector, in the public administration clients such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry of finance, the Federal Agency for work or the Federal Chancellor’s Office. meetBIZ & think tank GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

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