Dec 26 2019

Industrial Engineer

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Selection and design of tools and equipment. Techniques of the design of facilities, including the disposition of buildings, machines and handling equipments of materials, raw materials and facilities of storage of the product. To elaborate practical operative. Development of control systems of costs, such as the budgetary control, analysis of costs and systems of standard costs. Development of the product. Design and/or improvement of the systems of planning and control stop: the product distribution and services, inventory, quality, engineering of maintenance of plants or any other function.

Design and installation of data processing and information systems. Design and installation of systems of wage incentives. Development of measures and standards of work including the evaluation of the systems. To plan the installation of Industries. The investigation of operations including items like analysis in mathematical programming, simulation of systems, theory of the decision and trustworthiness of systems. Design and installation of systems of offices, processings and policies. Organizational planning. To establish standards to evaluate the yields, including measurement of the work and evaluation of systems.

To participate in the design, direction and evaluation of the management systems of inventories. To consider the capacity of the production. To determine the physical location of the facilities. To design and to evaluate the distribution in plant. To use and to maintain updated the information systems. To improve and to innovate the productive processes or on watch. To control and to interpret the productive processes, by means of the different types from control graphs. To apply the statistical interpretation to participate in the decision making in the manufacture, and to recommend action. To participate in the optimization of production processes and manufactures. To develop programs and systems to measure the productivity. Studies on technical and economic feasibility of the installation and implementation of industrial companies, etc.? Security, hygiene and atmosphere? Human resource management? Industrial maintenance? Management and Control of the Quality? Quality control. Family ISO? Management Technological? Investigation and Development? Management? Finances? Improvement and Optimization of processes? Teaching Conclusion the industrial engineer is a professional who carries out a roll very important for the operativity of the companies and organizations, that has a formation of generalist character that actually enables for the professional exercise totality to him of the technical areas of the industrial company, as much in the resolution of the posed technical problems, as in the design and implantation of new technologies in the productive process. The generalist formation of the Industrial Engineer, as indicates to Orlando Martinez to it, it so covers variable areas as mechanical engineering, management of manufacture, electricity, electronics, new materials, energy and environment In addition, combined with a suitable selection of optative matters and free election allows the intensification of knowledge in concrete technical areas. Original author and source of article.

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