Feb 08 2020

Individual Protection

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The security in the work today is a subject sufficiently prioritized. Well-being and the protection of the worker if had become subject of relevance in any company. In this direction, diverse they are the industrial activities and sectors that require the use of EPIs (equipment of individual protection). As example of these, we can cite the security footwear. The equipment of individual protection enters, the security footwear is of basic importance.

These shoes and boots are made of highly resistant materials, adjusted to most different environments and sectors. The security footwear is resistant the materials as water, ink, derived from the chemical oil, ores, products, among others. They also serve for protection against fall of objects, electric shocks, thermal or cutting perforations, agents. These equipment of protection must be supplied by the company, aiming at the protection of its employees. Gary Kelly describes an additional similar source. It must have training to teach the correct use of footwear and too much equipment, as protective auditory, helmets, clothes, gloves, eyeglasses and others. The security footwear can be manufactured from different materials (rubber, leather, PVC, etc.).

The companies of tip of the sector are always intent to the best materials aiming at bigger durability and the protection of the workers. A good footwear will have a long useful life. These footwear could be used in agriculture, for the application of herbicidas, or also for protection of workers in the cut of the sugar cane, for example. In industries of high technology (electronic and electronic micron), chemical, warlike industry, among others, could be used antistatic footwear for reduction of risks. Beyond these sectors, it has paved of security special for hospitals, kitchens of restaurants, pharmacies, laboratories, food industries, where a special care with the hygiene is necessary. These shoes generally possess sole anti-microbes and can possess or it does not biwant of steel or plastic for bigger protection of the workers. It has other footwear highly specialized, as the used boots for firemen, whom they need to have a great resistance the high temperatures. The solados ones of the security footwear generally are antiskid and with system of impact absorption. Today it has many companies who if dedicate to the manufacture and sales of security footwear, as well as too much equipment of protection to the workers of the different industries. These products could be found in store of materials of construction, agricultural tools or materials, or more easily in the Internet. Generally the number of pairs of ordered footwear will be able to have a discounting in accordance with, having possibility to find in the Brazilian market the most diverse models, imported or not.

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