Sep 02 2018

Iberian Peninsula

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A reflection on the matches of this negation and the utopian defense of one reconquers of the proper identity, in an ideal configuration where Portugal and Spain if reencontram and if they recognize in itself and between itself, it constitutes the intention of the workmanship of saramago. When, in Portugal, Joana Carda scratched out the soil with a pole of negrilho, Joaquin Sassa shot to the sea a rock of uncommon weight, Jose Anaio passed to be folloied by a countless flock of estorninhos and Guavaira Maria started to undo a stocking foot, while, in Spain, Peter calculates beat the feet in the soil, produced an uncommon conjunction, that gave beginning to a geologic disruption of the Pyrenees, that if would become responsible for the total disconnection of the Iberian Peninsula, converted into raft, in ready uterus to generate a new destination. Inside of this perspective we have the workmanship of Agualusa ‘ ‘ Crioula’ nation; ‘ this workmanship is a romance that presents a peripheral version of the slave commerce. Creole nation shows the romance that occurred in century XIX between Fradique Mendes, a Portuguese adventurer and Ana Olmpia Vaz de Caminha, a figure capable to enrich any narrative for the full life of different and antagonistic situations, therefore even so been born enslaved she was one of the powerful women richest and of that African region of Portuguese culture, that is, Angola. At the same time, we remember that Fradique is a personage who already Ea traces over all as a traveller, a tourist of the world, that vacant between Paris, center where it fixed residence, and ‘ ‘ extica’ ‘ planetary periphery in which also it would include Portugal. But, the most important in the image and the name of the ship (in) Creole Nation, is that it also is the figure master of the history of the slave traffic, romantically fixed for the famous poem of epic inks of Castrates Alves.. Go to litecoin for more information.

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