Jul 24 2019


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What is and what is not HYPNOSIS applied to psychological therapy: Therapists, Clinical hypnotists, previously we did our clinical experience in psychology and then learned how to apply therapeutic hypnosis techniques in our work with patients We are very accustomed to people coming to the consultation we do a number of comments regarding what they expect of us do in our clinic and what they expect of it to do (and these concepts are not infrequently a number of misconceptions, prejudices, fears, and unknowns). It is very common and widespread belief that since hypnosis can achieve miraculous and immediate success, ie the moment that there are those who think like that in front of us therapists telling us their problems, believe that with our magical and powerful look “mend” his illness, pathology, mode of existence that makes them unhappy, and so on., etc. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications. Complaints that are in these existence, and in many cases been accompanied by many years in your life, at that time, which are before us to expose their problems when they act out, say and assert, at this time be looking for our help, but not logical and therapeutic mode, but we expect a miracle, “the miracle” that is exposing his illness and we put in place “of that magical wizard” that can change your life fantastically and “in an instant.” This, for some who are reading these lines may seem absurd and a product of my imagination at this moment, is not so, and tell them that is very common, occurring in the office. .

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