Jul 28 2016

HR Department

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Nix temporary personnel man has it not easy as recruiters. Again and again one encounters these jobs creepy tales about. Somehow, it seems to be hardly a clear, the recruiters actually earned his daily bread. The recruitment confused “is often with the temporary work or temporary employment”. Then, it is quickly on the issues exploitation, low pay and low-skilled jobs. Thats now but unfortunately not goal leader when it comes to recruit specialists and experts. The most recruiters attract this therefore mostly just openly: “Hi I’m XX YY company, we are a personnel agency no no temporary work or we offer personal service in the recruitment of permanent and freelance work”.

Temporary work versus personal agency most often lack of enlightenment. So we begin the best right now and here and say what the deal is: so, what is a personnel agency? It is possible the recruitment on most likely as a kind of describe outsourced HR Department. There are different reasons why a company decides to offer the specialist recovery to an external recruitment agency. Start-Ups do not have mostly still an own personnel officer or enough experience to take matters into their own hands. The time and capacity is missing big companies, to devote itself to the appropriate extent of recruitment. Recruiters deal with nothing else. You bring much experience and Know-How, can benefit from the customers and of course applicants.

Personnel service provider know where you need to look for and how you reach the target audience. You write out the bodies, manage the application and advise the customers when choosing a candidate. Help this quickly and efficiently to fill the open positions with qualified professionals. If you look at the whole time from the outside, is a win-win situation, or? Finally found the optimal solution for everyone involved. In the ideal case win a qualified staff and the other one side a demanding job. So not the same exploitation, thinking about low pay and low-skilled jobs, when the recruiters logs. Apart even when the temporary work has its advantages: for candidates: jobs at the temporary work agency be filled faster and the qualification before the CV or other criteria set of workers is cared for intensively looked after the staff gets his know-how more opportunities to build and to bring in different industries or areas. Therefore, you should listen to once at least the conditions. Say no one can then still and if the content and the associated conditions are correct it is usually secondary to whether a staffing agency is available on the employment contract.

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