Oct 23 2019

How To Choose A Steamer ?

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Boiled and fried foods has one major drawback: it is virtually devoid of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, such foods can be extremely hazardous to health. Studies have shown that thermal processing of food products leads to the formation of carcinogens that can cause cancer. In many fried and baked products was discovered acrylamide – a carcinogen that leads to modification and destruction dna. Steaming, in turn, is a sensitive method of thermal processing of foods. Food is not exposed to very high temperatures, so it saved a lot more vitamins and other biologically active substances present in raw foods. In addition, steamed food is much better absorbed. That is why it is recommended that children, pregnant women and people suffering diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Cooking for a couple at home is most convenient to use a steamer. How it works is that the water is heated to the boiling point, evaporates, and formed with the pairs uniformly heats the food. Heat penetrates the food, with vitamins and minerals remain inside. Another advantage of steaming is its cost: products remain the same size and weight, as before cooking. Today the market offers built-in steamers, tabletop steamer and double boiler combined with an oven or microwave steamer .Vstraivaemye suitable for frequent cooking.

They are easy to use, aesthetically beautiful to look at and fit harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen. Table steamers suitable for occasional use. Their disadvantage is that they may occupy more space in the kitchen. Power and to choose the most appropriate appliance, you must first decide its power and capacity.

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