Aug 14 2020

House St

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Infants are currently in Age up to six years in a rented building housed the babies House St. Anne”, the older children protection camp by the employees in the St. Louis Child”, a container village on the grounds of the children’s Hospital St. Damien, maintained. “Help for self-help is an integral part of the philosophy of our little brothers and sisters” and should be based on any aid.

Therefore, the relief and Works Agency provides small loans to Haitians who want to realize their dream of a self-determined life. With an interest-free loan, women start sewing factories, men build a workshop or farm. Small loans will receive former pequenos, whose Zuhause was damaged or destroyed. With the money, your House can rebuild or renovate. In spite of the many suffering that has taken the Haitians in the last year, they do not give up the hope of a better life and appreciate what has been achieved. So the Haitian employees of our little brothers write and Sisters”: we are proud of everything we have done in the last few months.

Viewed from the outside, the whole thing looked perhaps hopelessly. But we are in the middle and we are fighting for the children. “Haiti and the many programs of our little brothers and sisters” are the only place where we can draw strength. We have lost everything, or almost everything. We are not only a team, but also a family. We suffer and laugh together and give us the force each other to keep going.” The people of Haiti will be dependent on aid even in the medium term. “Therefore asks our little brothers and sisters continue to donate to account 12000, BLZ 660 205 00 social Bank Karlsruhe. Keyword: Haiti. Under, in the donations-online shop can be donated specifically for the emergency medical aid. More information, picture material and interview requests: Our little brothers and sisters E.V. Dagmar Schneider Tullastr. 66, 76131 Karlsruhe phone: 0721 – 35440 167 email: our little brothers and sisters” a home give orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America since 1954. Currently a total of about 3,900 children ten children’s villages live in. The children living there as a great Christian family, go to school and can learn a profession. Since the founding of the first children’s village are already about 16,000 children in our little brothers and sisters”grew up and have unconditional acceptance and love, sharing, work and responsibility means information. Also, the schools and hospital wards of the children’s villages annually use over 83,000 children and adults from the surrounding area. Account 12 000, BLZ 660 205 00, social Bank Karlsruhe keyword: earthquake Haiti our little brothers and sisters E.V. phone: 0721 35440 – 0 Internet: E-Mail:

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