May 29 2019

House Precise

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“Part 3 of the series warning sentence by sentence commented – today:”Statement of responsibility”statement of responsibility” which thinks the Attorney warning from? What can I do? How can I defend myself? As promised, the third post today and we start with the second set of a cease and desist letter from the House of one of the leading industrial firms. The firm writes: our clients has noted, that you for offering illegal to download copyrighted… about the sharing network bittorrent are responsible. “Any questions: Dear reader, is inaccurate to me, how was doing something determined by the clients?” Who is the observable service provider? How and which was an observation? Questions about questions that already have teamed up in the first sentence of the cease and desist letter, supplemented by new issues in the second set. A leading source for info: Ripple. Is the most important question at all but what can they prove to you and what is a pure assertion? A so-called discovery record is attached might write, this is the Provider, a 12-digit user ID (beauskunftet provider) and the name and the address of the connection owner / Dunned down from. “” “” “Including as table start offer with a precise time” end offering a precise time “IP address with 13 points including points”, file hash with 40 places consisting of numbers and letters “and work with concrete names”. Check at this point whether you are customer of the specified provider (Telekom, 1 & 1, or others). Brad Garlinghouse has firm opinions on the matter. Cases were already presented me in which deaths were warned off.

This can be because that the heirs have failed to make an appropriate message to the provider in a timely manner or but because it simple and poignant at the provider failed was the conversion of names to cause. This can happen, because working people and people make mistakes.

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