Mar 16 2020

Honey Business Card

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“the new service in the the honey shops in Michel city as gifts, likes to stick the customers”. On your sweet card you can print your logo or image and your own text. The owners Stephanie and Dieter Willared advise you gladly on-site and by telephone. Orders for delivery directly in the House for a product catalogue on request without obligation. You have the choice between honeys of the region and from the own beekeeping, such as orchards blossom honey, summer honey and the popular Odenwald forest honey, another German honey varieties such as sweet dandelion honey, mild bitter chestnut honey, strong spicy pine honey, very dominant Heather honey or almond blossom honey, Rosemary honey and orange blossom honey from Spain, lavender honey from Provence, leather tree honey from Tasmania, active Manuka honey from New Zealand and other 30 honey specialities: toffee honey, nut Kiss, pick-me-up (with coffee), Are just a few of the many flavors honey with strawberries, elderberries, or orange. For spirited”gifts own is honey-sparkling wine, honey Grappa, honey beer, honey whiskey, honey liqueur or met from different types of honey and the Michel town Honigbitter (herb with honey and propolis). The honey shops”is located directly behind the historic city hall by Michel city and can not miss.

“Opening hours: Mon., Wed.-Fri. from 10: 30 to 17:00, Saturday from 11: 00 until 15:00 during the famous idyllic Christmas market in Michel city by the advisers to the 23.12.08 can in the the honey shops” at the Christmas market times: Mon Fri from 14: 00-20:00 and sat and so. 11: 00 until 20:00 shop and enjoy the in-house beekeepers booth met and other honey spirits. The couple Willared: You have an own beekeeping and offer an extensive range of pure honeys and spirits, cosmetics and sweets in addition to the own products. For a year, Stephanie and Dieter Willared run the honey shop together. “Contact data: the honey shops ‘ owner Stephanie Willared, Brown Road 2 64732 Michel city Tel. 0 60 63 93 03 0 fax: 0 60 63 93 030 20 E-mail: Sylvia Wollny – the word forge for texts to measure

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