Mar 09 2019


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The development, a provider is in the length of pulling, up and down”the other, gently steadily in the third. It runs too slow even those directly involved and is often economically marginal. Successes are now rather unspectacular outwards on Google is hard to track and hard perceptible (probably is) for many observers. For more information see Verizon Communications. Repeatedly delaying transfers and commissioning, operation with constant interruptions or constant surveillance belong to reality. Bankruptcies of pioneer and threats of or orders to the stopping operations overshadow the progress.

Who must deal with these contradictions, or wants to, is this year again to the Symposium Small and medium-sized wood gasification”within the framework of the RENEXPO 2009 invited. The Conference will be held on September 26, 2009 in the trade fair Augsburg. Treated basic as well as current issues of biomass gasification technology, which is characterized by the gasification of wood and the exploitation of this gas over CHP engines still, be moved to itself but biomass other on the use of as well as gas appliances. It is again a year overview and position relative to the current difficulties. The specifics of the cogeneration plants fuelled with gas from wood are in relationship with other fuels cogeneration plants operated set. Looking back on the development of automatic wood chip combustion plants to improve especially the Benn material feed to the gasification reactors are recommendations. Security and fire safety issues are due to recent events, and in connection with the conclusion of the EU project gasification Guide”lit. Gas cleaning and the agricultural usability issues are discussed by charcoal and ash.

To the Introducing plants, this time three companies are invited, will report its first operating results. This meeting in collaboration with the Fordergesellschaft renewable energies e.V. (fairy), Berlin will be carried out. Also in this year, speakers were won, which accompany the development process for years and / or be regarded as proposals, as well as the still relatively little known manufacturer, systems scientists from outside. The meeting is designed to be able to socialize or to get recommendations. The meeting takes place within the framework of the exhibition RENEXPO 2009, international trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficient building & renovation. From 24 to 27 September it celebrates its 10th anniversary. The fair has established itself over the years by a small environmental trade fair to the leading trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and rehabilitation and in the world made a name for himself. In addition to the Congress trade fair IHE focus presents some HolzEnergie well-known exhibitors and new entrants from the product segment of wood gasification. As a special highlight m GmbH presents the RE release the TENSIONER of Joos carburetor, in the power range from 30 KW 50 KW electric and 65 KW 100 KW is thermally available, live with wood chips operated outdoors. The fair is Thursday through Saturday from 09 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 h until 17 h open. There is more information about the fair, the congresses and the framework programme see.

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