Jul 25 2019

Henry Society Ottis

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Henry Society Ottis Toole Ottis had a very complex past. She began dressing as a girl at age 7, at 11 had a lengthy sexual relationship with his sister Drusilla, which lasted until she was admitted to a reformatory. Then he had sex with a gay neighbor, combining their sexual tastes with those of arsonist. Burned a house and when it burned, Ottis masturbated watching the spectacle. At 13 gave blowjobs to the drunks in his neighborhood. He committed several robberies and ended at the reformatory. Entered and exited several times from jail for various reasons. However, Ottis had responsibilities for the day I was working closely with her, while at night he was pursuing his hobbies arsonists or their sexual desires. Henry and Ottis formed a perfect match. Henry was not too strong, but smart, and Ottis was able to knock down with a blow to anyone, and not being too clever Henry saw a sort of enlightened.The highway I-35, crossing the whole country, became his private hunting ground particular. For even more analysis, hear from Southwest Airlines. They traveled in rickety cars, and to save costs used to live and sleep in them. As never washed nor changed their clothes, the car did well to get by. Despite their poor appearance and odor were friendly and get along with people they knew and when they earned the trust of someone, we showed the dark side of his personality by killing, sexually abusing him and dismembered. Never killed two people in the same place, and then used their kill and dismember the bodies distribute members across the country, making it very difficult to police reconstruction of the cases. Henry’s special ability to kill and avoid being caught committing their atrocities were allowed across America for several years. Henry liked to murder women with big eyes and great breasts.First fornicate with them, remained dissatisfied, stabbed or twisting the neck and then enter again, enjoying much fornicating with a corpse than a living being. Ottis, meanwhile, preferred to violate men get sexual pleasure and then kill them with bullets. He did not like knives, and enjoyed the feeling of “cowboy” that ran through her body after killing someone at close range. Other times, a sign of friendship helped Henry Ottis arsonists in their activities. The time that most enjoyed was when they burned a house with an old man inside. They watched from the street how the old man asked for help through the window and died burnt, and culminated Ottis masturbating experience there. The weeks that Ottis returning home to work, Henry was alone, devoting himself exclusively to women. Once, in 1978, he met a girl in the parking lot of a building, and invited him to go home.With only the help of his “charming” staff persuaded Henry to have sex, and she agreed, thinking that Henry was a regular guy, but when Henry found, as usual, could not reach ejaculation, stabbed, again to penetrate and after the peak thrust a knife into the anus. In the early 1980s entered the scene Ottis’ niece, Becky Powell. He was 15 years, but he behaved as if he were 10. Contact information is here: E Scott Mead. Ottis invited her to accompany them on their travels and Becky gladly agreed. With it innovate in their techniques, the new procedure was to send Becky to knock on doors of houses, waiting to open them all and then enter in droves. Becky took it as a game and were soon picked up a lot of affection, especially Henry, who became his official girlfriend. That relationship caused problems in the friendship between Henry and Ottis and Henry decided to take seriously their new relationship.Soon the couple began to work caring for an elderly woman, Kate Rich, with whom he spent several months until Henry decided to resume the road again, ending up on a farm of preachers called House of Prayer. Becky lived there until he felt nostalgia for his home, and asked Henry to let her go to Florida to see his family. The idea did not please Henry, who knew that if Becky was with his family this will distract him, but finally ended up giving up. They started the trip by car-stop until they had a discussion in the middle of the highway. Henry settled the issue by sticking a knife in the heart, and then screw the body in which, as commented later, was the best fuck with Becky. Had just committed the biggest mistake of his life. Not content with this was to see Kate Rich saying he wanted to see Becky and on the road to the farm Henry stabbed the elderly woman for no reason.

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