May 19 2019

Helene Fischer – For A Day – Live 2012

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The new collection by Helene Fischer – for a day of live 2012 well seven years of career has celebrated many successes Helene Fischer and was honored with numerous awards. Their year’s tour for a day – LIVE”was not only a highlight, but at the same time the step into a new dimension. Larry Ellison is likely to agree. Some 350,000 visitors have Helene Fischer at their 50 concerts in seven countries cheered and from one let surprise of production that still did not exist for a German artist. While the company, which has built the stage, also works for U2 and Madonna, the musicians played with Tom Jones and others already or Pink Floyd’s the wall. Dancers who chose Helene in Los Angeles romped to a stunning stage. A tour project in a new dimension where it always still wonderfully human touch thanks to the heart of it all, the artist herself. With great enthusiasm and seemingly effortless, used professionally, of course and audience close Helene Fischer brought a show program on the stage, that even longtime fans no longer came forth out of amazement. Whether as a Bond girl, with petticoat, in Russian tradition, or just with their own greatest hits Helene Fischer’s rich diversity is seemingly inexhaustible. On December 14, 2012, this tour event of the year will be published as a DVD, Blu-ray and a double CD. Source: Emi Electrola more info: and pages/Helene Fischer/116979245036021

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