Jun 20 2018

Growth Responsibility

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Not I absolutely know nothing of its wife, exactly because it does not leave itself to know. But I feel that it needs aid. It needs to give to more possibility and life more. It needs to believe that she is leaving for the world that we grow inside of our marriage. That she is necessary to risk more and without previous planning. you have the responsibility to make to create it courage to leave its zone of comfort and mundinho perfect that it created for vocs. Other point is that you have the responsibility not to hurt this another person, who for what you wrote is playing in you the responsibility for its proper joy, you entitulando the rescuer of its life (she also worries what me). Imperfections exist there.

Growth without suffering does not exist, this is integrant part of the process. Therefore it has courage to live this moment in its life and to learn with it, whichever the lies to be learned. in more, if all the involved ones to suffer a bit in the end, are part. ‘ ‘ People run the risk to suffer a little when if cativar.’ left; ‘ Small Prince. Kiss for you. Courage and I am always here of the other side of the line. Perhaps it has said excessively and not fond to the place none. If to want to talk, is to write alone me. Taste of you, you always me of a chance to run away from mine mundinho and to forget them my problems and making to be me of victim of my destination. It sees it writes if me.

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