Feb 05 2017

Greeks World

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Relembrou that happy face when hugging the girl, it was a hypocritical one, a false one, a soulless one, Was playing a role for as he is bonzinho, as well as before donates for the children in comforting it and the world. It was a wolf, was alone to observe in the party that discoursed to its redor with lamb skin. Single chapter two hundred and dezesseisO more coveted of the world finally join a wife. It was the commented marriage more married a common journalist without attractive practically lazy. Maldosos periodicals, commented until when the party it would last. I capitulate two hundred and dezesseteA Greece seemed there of high of the particular airplane a hand opened in waters of the sea Mediterrneo.Era in this paradisiacal scene that would pass the Moon of Greek coastal Mel.O well is cut, in the calm waters that opened the islands appear here and there a so next to the other age invitation to face the alone Posidon.O is poor and infertile therefore the Greeks had soon had that to lose fear to venture in waters if opened until the infinite.

Waters that hid what it would see later. But to its they far took them boats for good buying and vendendo its products: Fencios, Marselhe.O sun never leaves to shine its golden halo in that land, that mame look like each piece, to be the constructed one to enaltecer the beauty. When God created the world seems that already he did not have a great bolter and thus made all the lands that cover the world, in the end sobrou rocks and of the rocks a valley made the Grcia.Entre and another one opens and if sees plains fertile where the Greeks of yesterday and of today planted and opened cities. Crete is the biggest island of the Aegean sea the remaining portion when it is far is lost in the vastness of the sea.

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