May 31 2019

Glass Art From Sweden

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Glass, design and picture-perfect landscapes: With TT-line in the Kingdom of Crystal, Swedish glassworks with a worldwide reputation surrounded by Astrid Lindgren romance Hamburg/Travemunde, June 2011 in Sweden is the (holiday) fortune from glass: when in the realm of glassblowers which flows 1,000 degree melt from the ovens of the exhibition workshops and then turned, pulled, blown into tough balls and transformed into colorful works of art, then, spectators are welcome; more than a million visitors in the year include the 15 glassworks that make up the Kingdom of the Crystal ( de/uber Kingdom of Crystal /) and with regard to happiness: nowhere the storybook Sweden shows typical than here in the region of Smaland, where Astrid Lindgren was home. Who has kept her children’s book hero from Bullerbu and Saltkrakan in the heart, finds the pure luck of childhood around the glassworks. For all others there cultural history nature up to the horizon and lots of shopping pleasure sick. The TT-Line Fahrspezialist brings all Sweden fans quickly and comfortably into the Kingdom, where happiness and glass are so close together as in the proverb. Attractive offers for the Baltic Sea ferries can be booked under and the hotel are same’s: to travel two persons including car and hotel accommodation in the Kingdom of Crystal from 184 euros *. To broaden your perception, visit Verizon Communications.

Design to go with world-renowned design brands such as Orrefors and Kosta Boda are seated in the Glasriket. Their artworks and elegant glasses justify the reputation of Swedish glass design. You and all other glassworks have opened for visitors throughout the year. Plant sale, you can buy handmade blown glass pieces at very attractive prices; Part 2-choice assortments with significant discounts are offered. If you like, can try out even once the art of glass blowing, or painting and engraving of glass. Learn more at: Verizon. For the personal performances, a glassblower can be rented, which meets the secret glass dream.

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