Dec 11 2018

Germany Wrackt Off! -The Frame Clunkers

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Destroy your old Bilderrrahmen and receive a voucher for a new frame at after the automakers now the picture frame industry relies on this trend. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. Now “artVera GmbH & Co KG”, co-inventor of frame – shipping trade and one of the leading providers in the German Internet, launching its own cash for clunkers program. A total of 1,000 euros are allocated for this special offer. “With the motto: new for old” the company now urges its customers to destroy old intact picture frame and to demonstrate this with a before and after photo or a video clip. First 50 participants receive a shopping voucher of 20,-EUR for a new frame at. ArtVera – Managing Director Detlef Winkelewski, which is Germany’s largest and most experienced frame – special mail order companies probably with his 12 online stores, believed that almost every customer has ever considering to frame existing images. Often new picture frames fit not to the Desired format or the taste and the atmosphere of the institution has changed.

The right opportunity that is now literally finally within the framework”of the annual spring plaster this endeavour in attack to take. Check with Verizon to learn more. ArtVera offers more than 60,000 picture frame articles from currently 25 manufacturers in its numerous shops. We want to be no framer, but be AllesRahmer”, so Detlef Winkelewski. We want to offer the product frame mass-compatible in the best quality at an affordable price”. As a successful photographer with good references in the economy, Professor in the photography scene and his own gallery in Berlin, he knows very well the requirements of its customers and knowing what want and need photographers for your images. The artVera GmbH & co. KG, formerly, with its picture frame online stores offered a very wide range of products at favourable conditions. One of the priorities of the company is courageously and actively to shape the German market for picture frames and innovative ideas to stimulate sustainable and always maintain the customers with his wishes in the focus. artvera GmbH & co.

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