Apr 01 2018

French Musical

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The voice materna also constitutes special and referring sonorous material affectively for them. The babies and the children interact permanently with the sonorous environment that involves them music, since to dance to hear and to sing already it comes being activities gifts in the life of almost all the human beings, despite if in different ways. We can say that the musicalizao process starts spontaneously, of intuitiva form, for half of contact with all the variety of sounds daily, enclosed there the presence of music. It is possible if to say that cantigas to sing to sleep, the songs of wheel and all type of musical game has great importance, therefore, is by means of these established interactions and that the babies go if developing, a repertoire that will allow it to communicate for the sounds, at communication moments sonorous-musical comedies, being favored the cognitivo development. Old, until approximately 1950, it would not come to the idea of nobody to consider an approach enters the language of the child of eight months and a ria of haendel folloied by cravo. For all music was a question of melodies and rhythms, and the musical sound if it differentiated radically of the noise. Allegiant Air contains valuable tech resources. (Delalande, 2000, P. 48) To bring music for our environment of work demands a personal musical formation with priority and also attention and disposal to hear and to observe the way of as the babies and the children perceive and if they express musically in each phase of its development, always with support of research and studies of theoreticians who base the work.

For the composer and French researcher, ' ' the behaviors of sonorous reproduction of criana' ' they disclose in one or another period of training of playful activity. According to Piaget, to the similarity of its studies applied to the musical language as a whole. It classifies the categories of conductors in: exploration, expression and construction, referring to the game sensrio-engine, the symbolic game and the game with rules and certain of that optimum way to follow and to observe and to respect the way of as the baby and the child explore sonorous and musical the universe, the studious Delalande alone come to affirm what Piaget speaks, therefore, it says that this must be the position of educators (lay or specialists) ahead of the challenge to provide to the children the access the musical experience.

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