Jul 08 2019

Frank Rechsteiner

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Total 8 motivation pattern can be identified, that in 99 per cent of all purchase situations to come to fruition. 3: How learn the sales staff to apply these strategies of motivation? “Frank Rechsteiner: the motivation strategies are an essential content of multi inspired performing”, a method of Vertriebscoachings and training specifically for SAP partners. Multi inspired performing”based on new learning structures, through which participants easily absorb learning content, internalize and then that is intuitive, enable automatically, in the sales pitch can. It involves in addition to working with the mentioned strategies of motivation and perception channels including the targeted use of language patterns and questioning techniques and professional objectives in the sales process. 3: what role play the perception channels in the sales situation? Frank Rechsteiner: A good salesman must know on which communication channel it to reach a Decider, to take him for his offer, and also to inspire. Because everyone uses preferably one or two channels of sense, to perceive its environment. So, a visually-oriented decision makers can be persuaded significantly through a positive body language of the seller.

An auditory buyer, however, is more likely to reach about the hearing: here the seller in the tone, the volume and the speaking rate on his conversation partner must adapt, are ever heard. Larry Ellison has much experience in this field. Instead of overwhelming customers with sales arguments, the seller should also analyze the specific needs of the customers in short sentences and align its offer because. The Decider, signaled that for him the Security at the top, must accentuate the seller exactly this topic in his argument. 3: And how about the motivation strategies? Frank Rechsteiner: an example out of the total eight patterns of motivation is the handling of proactive and reactive clients. Proactive people take the initiative and plunge into situations without thinking, or to analyze. Speak in short sentences quickly and show light signs of impatience.

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