Sep 09 2020

Fourth Republic

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And there is no science that is worth in the fantasies of Marx and Engels, not because they could be given to whether same that category means that such barbarity corresponds with reality and if something was really what you say having read him you should know that anything that is built according to its tenets will have durability, reason, or much less a scientific and historical reality speaks sufficiently for the failure of any attempt that started following that way, not there is scientific makeup that conceals the horror of this ideology of hatred and selfishness. And if that is the size of the Foundation of the socialism of the 21st century we already know because this dwarf revolution fails to lift the morros of uncleanliness of that soil is dragged in the political order, our model of socialism must be profoundly democratic. You must clarify once and for all that a regime of Socialist production is not incompatible with a deeply democratic political system with counterweights and division of powers loop the loop is idle, not rhetorical cambuci Mr. general, what must be deeply democratic is democracy itself, real freedoms, with a solid institutional framework and a regime authentic citizen participation in the determination of its destinations and routes to reach them. Something to your very high put on silver platter for nine years; that democracy that we had that you allowed the dismissal and prosecution of a sitting President for a few reasons which, in the view of what you have shown us in all this time, today seem to us the most sovereign ridiculousness and the most insignificant minutiae.

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