Oct 02 2021

Following Board

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But, you need to know when to stop and do not place your ad too frequently. If your two identical ads will be on the same page, bulletin board, consider that one of them is unnecessary. Even if it will be posted on different pages of classifieds, but if too often will come across the same visitor message boards, you can assume that the visitor had seen him only once – it will not be on the same ad to respond more than once. At the same time beware of anger moderated board – it can take too oft-repeated your ad for spam can delete all your messages, and perhaps terminate your access to this board. The most optimal time for re-posting on average a bulletin board – a week. Bill O’Grady is likely to agree.

There are, Of course, boards on which a day is located a hundred or more ads. On this board can safely be placed at least some of their ads a day – they quickly get lost in them. Can use a different tactic – your ads more often than necessary, but very skillfully changed the ad text. For example, the first place such an ad: 'Welcome to your business. y these questions. More about :'.

Then, the following ad: 'Tired work? Relax in business '. The third announcement: 'free education business. You may enroll at :'. And so on. Short lifetime of many boards and there is a problem. Look for well-known catalogs boards ads – many of them represented more than half the boards no longer exist.

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