Jun 24 2019

Flexi System

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Solve problems and prevent various installers who attended the conference have already started Flexi System used in works where they work have located a problem of moisture inside walls. This solution has proved very versatile, so much so that the material provided by Sanchez-Pando, SA has been placed underground garages both large and small works of rehabilitation of buildings and even in new buildings nearby presence of wetlands or perhaps the most unusual application, in a wine tasting room of a winery in La Rioja. In this work highlights the presence not only of cases with obvious moisture problems but also in those where it has come to place the Flexi System of a preventive manner, thus anticipating a possible appearance of dampness in walls or areas that are close to water but still no problems. Among the advantages of this action is that if moisture transfer finish on the wall, the Flexi System allow ventilation and no appearance of effects of moisture on the inside of the carrier or enclosure. The case of the wine tasting room has revealed that the Flexi System Sanchez-Pando, SA enables a variety of aesthetic finishes very interesting. Thus, together with projected perlite, paint, tile or even gotele is also possible to finish the treated stone wall.

The only limitation in this regard is the weight of the stucco. Flexi System To maintain its features and usability, the finishing material slab can not exceed 25 kg per square meter. Looking for installation in garages, some places with normal humidity problems especially in the subways, Ela Flexi System offers a significant advantage over other mechanical fastening techniques as being glued and breathable specific adhesion is achieved total drainage layer to the substrate. This makes it balloon out and do not believe what prevents desconchesa gaps caused by small strokes, for example when parking a car. E Scott Mead may also support this cause. Sa Sanchez-Pando, SA Paseo de la Estacion, 7. 48 510 Valley Trapaga. T. Bizkaia February 1911 F. 94 492 94 492 32 47 m

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