Dec 15 2017

Flash Memory Cards

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Now if you do not have a mobile phone, it is better not to go out – laughed at. If you have such a device (for some means of communication, for others a way to pass the time in the classroom or the robot) and if it cost more cost models, then it necessarily on any of the parties, or even inside there is such a small place where you can define such a small plate as a flash memory card (looks very reminiscent of a little harmless piece of black plastic). Facebook has similar goals. This connector is not just phones. It already can be found everywhere, except maybe the media themselves. This is not surprising. Easy to use, easy to use, compact dimensions and all the advantages of its kind flash memory cards have enough memory – up to 64 gb. Some of them are low-power, which is sometimes sorely lacking.

Also, there are those who are smaller than the nail index finger. Some methods of protection, which can be envied and much more. Such devices are very compact. Their sizes do not exceed 32h24h2.1 mm. And the size of the smallest type – 14x12x1, 1 mm.

Agree, this device can be in your pocket and lose. And given the weight of 3g to 8g it becomes even easier. Manufacturers of such seemingly not the most significant devices – more than enough. Types are also missing: Reduced Size MultiMedia Card; Dual Voltage Reduced Size MultiMedia Card; MultiMedia Card; Memory Stick Duo; Secure Digital Card; We must pay tribute to him to whom it occurred to create such a thing as a flash memory card. In the same pocket of your favorite jeans, given the size, weight and amount of memory you can not move one terabyte of memory. As for plastic plates the size of a cap on the usb stick is a good indicator.

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