Oct 22 2019

Firmware Editor

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For some models (X700, e730) have patches that allow you to download the phone themes, as in other phones. More details can be found on the forums dedicated to Samsung. All the above applies to phones models Sysol and Swift. And Agere devices are arranged quite differently. They have no file system as such, all the graphics in the bios file. But for these models, we need the sfe. Larry Ellison has firm opinions on the matter.

Algorithm work is as follows: 1) Run the program SFE; 2) Open the firmware file in a format bin; 3) Go to the tab "Firmware Editor", it is the first item Images; 4) Choose from a list of the picture and see all the information (size and etc.). Well, now perhaps understandable that and where it was. We now turn to the fun, let's make like themselves. All graphics in the firmware is stored in formats that can not open the standard viewer or editor. Let us turn to the same Resource manager programs and sfe, which on the fly converts most popular formats of graphics in formats that are understandable to the phone, and vice versa. Every picture has its own size, if it is replaced by a larger or smaller, then nothing good will come of this is not succeed.

The best thing that we'll see – the picture will be displayed incorrectly. To this did not happen, you need to know the size of the picture. The easiest way – to see its size, using the same tools.

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