Feb 13 2017

Financial System

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“The new bbw study financial trust 2013 In the intense competition to old and new customers is the high quality of service in the retail business significantly” the topic of trust in financial transactions “should be a central concern of the financial sector in the next few years. Because currently one can confidently speak of a deep-seated insecurity about the future with all its consequences. It is quite amazing how the bank customer confidence has changed in 2012 not only in the euro area: Netherlands-49 per cent, France minus 58 percent, Italy down 72 percent, Greece-81 per cent. The value of minus 28 per cent and in the United States minus 51 percent (according to Ernst & young) was in Japan. All these values are certainly no big surprise.

Germany is located in this ranking, with 58% on the level of France. Confidence in the financial world is known all over the world. In assessing the situation one should beware but generally generalizations. Because the State of affairs, as well as the settings of the clients also to the financial institutions require a much more sophisticated approach and assessment. In this respect, company bbw marketing Dr. Ron O’Hanley contains valuable tech resources.

Vossen and partners in cooperation with valido GmbH in Nuremberg to this particular topic issued an own detailed study with numerous questions. The own extensive interviews with financial customers form the basis of the analysis. Trust is formed by positive experiences. And you are positive only if the own expectations are met”. What are the main actors of the financial markets? What emotions influence their behavior? Can you do something? What measures should be used? “Many bbw trials turned out, that it the financial customers” doesn’t already exist and the reports quite also may vary according to demographic characteristics. The evaluation and assessment of individual financial institutions can differ very. In Germany, relatively many bank customers worried about the safety of their bank deposits.

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